Chocolate Milk Eraser


Chocolate Milk Eraser

No mistake about it! This is a FUN Gift for ANY Cow Lover!

Chocolate Milk Eraser

Large Eraser fits snugly atop any pencil, including our Holstein pencils above.

Shaped like a pint milk carton!

If moo don’t make mistakes you still would love it!

White milk carton erasers also available.

We have LOTS of stuff that is simply not available anywhere else!

Our passionate buyers seek out cow products from sources ‘not typiccally’ tapped for gifts.

This surely is one of them.

Go find it!

SURE – it is here at COWDEPOT for less than a buck!

What an incredible item!

Very moonique ! Price .95


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Chocolate Milk EraserChocolate Milk Eraser
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