Cow Bead Statue


Cow Bead Statue

Shiny, elegant, moo-ti-ful!

Cow Bead Statue

Gorgeous Cow Made of Beads. Beads and Beads with shiny Pink Udder !<

Our picture does not do ‘justice’ to this shimmering shiny accent piece made cow-pletely of beads. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

Put it is a place of distinction it will light up the room without any bulbs at all.
A ‘one of an kind’ statue!

We know of no udder statute like it!

Pure hand made beads from Indonesia !

BH630 Size 10″ long 8″ high WOW !!! Stunning !!! Price 19.95


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Cow Bead StatueCow Bead Statue
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