Cow Gift Baskets


Cow Gift Baskets

Cow Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets ! !

REAL cow baskets. Think of the party and gift ideas you can create. Tres moo !!

This is what moo have been waiting for.. REAL gift baskets with Holstein Spots !

Made of REAL Wood these are artisan hand painted. The wood is like those ‘produce’ baskets of ‘yesteryear’ which hold peaches and plums only they are painted very fashion-moo-bly.

Moo many uses to but list moo can be cow creative as moo wish with these ! The handle swivels, too !

BH450 Gift Basket approx 8″ long x 5″ wide x 4 ” deep. Holds about a ‘quart’ of stuff. Price 4.95 ea.


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cow gift basketCow Gift Baskets
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