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Cow Picture Frame Magnet

Cow Picture Frame Magnet

Hundreds of uses!

First off she is adorable! The little cow with the bright yellow nose and big ears is endearing to all.

Ahh.. she is also a magnetic cow picture frame! Cute as cute can be cow lying down looks great all by herself.. but she’ll ‘go to work’ for moo, too !

These are soooo nice and sooo stylishly suitable for holding ‘table cards’ for catered affairs, too !

Having a cow party, cow catered affair or wedding? These CJEAP cow picture frame magnets are perfect for holding place cards!

Bakimg cupcakes or a sweet treat? Want to share a recipe Look no further!

You may place any piece of card or photo and this cow magnet will hold it steady in style!

Each half is moo-netic, so moo may put ‘things’ between her such as pictures !

Also suitable for recipe cards, things to do lists, etc. Very stylish!

Moo will LOVE this moognet !

HV380 4″ Porcelain with Magnets Price 3.95


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Cow Picture Frame MagnetCow Picture Frame Magnet – Genius
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