Cow Porcelain Birthday Votive – Bargain !


Cow Porcelain Birthday Votive

Cow Porcelain Birthday Party Votive

She’s ready to help give you an udderly FABULOUS Birthday ( that’s what it say on the cow.) Party herdy !

Unlike any udder party porcelain this sassy gal also has a votive ‘candle’ on her back ! A birthday cow with it’s own candle ! Moo light up my life!

After the party is over this votiveis a fun and funny keepsake!

What a moo-mento of your of your mo0 casion!

YK800 Size 6″ long Colorful Porcelain FUN Price 4.95


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Cow Porcelain Birthday VotiveCow Porcelain Birthday Votive – Bargain !
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