Cow Red Barn Creamer – Excellent !


Cow Red Barn Creamer

Bright. Bold. Porcelain.

Cow Red Barn Creamer

Absolutely gorgeous!

Truly captures the ‘essence’ of cow in the big bright red barn!


Sturdy !

Matching Red Barn sugar and Red Barn Pitcher items available to cow-ple-ment your table setting!

We have an excellent selection of cow creamers available for moo!

This one however ‘stands out’ as ‘few of a kind.’

Large and highly suitable for big occasions such as a large family gathering, wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas – even a smorgasbord.

Holds LOTS of cream for everyone!

Its a ‘keeper’ – moo will never want to let it gp!


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cow red barn creamerCow Red Barn Creamer – Excellent !
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