Cow Wind Up Dancing Toy


Cow Wind Up Dancing Toy

Moo will not believe how GREAT this toy is!!!

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Cow Wind Up Dancing Toy


From Z Windups comes the BEST cow party toy EVER!

Moo will think it is computer driven gears – however it is a WIND UP!

Yup – remember when watches used to be wind ups???

No watch ever danced like MJ though this cow comes close!!

Moo – mazeing !

This cow has mooves better than any dancer ! NO Batteries !

Very e-cow-nomical!

Just wind it up.

Will definitely, positively be the center of moo-traction at any party !

It is really not expensive at all however when you consider NO Batteries it is CHEAP!

MS110 Cowlorful Plastic ! Size 6″ Price 7.75


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