Dangle Legs Cow Mug – Interesting !


Dangle Legs Cow Mug

Cuter than your udder mugs!

Dangle Legs Cow Mug

Wiggle Feet Mug !

Colorful !

There is no better way to brighten your kitchen than to keep these wonderfully cow-lorful Italian designed cups ‘hanging around.’

The little feet of the cow’move’ back and forth and when you take a sip, too!

Moo are never ‘bored’ when sippin form this cup!

Beautiful! Please note due to the incredible detail and beauty they are not at all for the dishwasher and must be hand washed, only.

NJ760 Dangle Feet Cup Price 7.95


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Dangle Legs Cow MugDangle Legs Cow Mug – Interesting !
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