Headband BowTie Cow Set


Headband BowTie Cow Set

Includes cow tail, too

Elastic strap for tail and bowtie.

Cow cute!

Headband /BowTie / CowTail

Set of 3 !

Cow-stume Party like a cow !

We worked our tail off to get this Cowtail Cow-stume Set !

Cow Cute ! The cow headband is great all by itself, but moo also get a bowtie and a tail !

Moo kids will LOVE these bring moo camoora !

What a GREAT party favor !

Do not forget about Halloween!

RH100 Set of Heaband / Bowtie/ Tail / One Set Price 2.95


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Headband BowTie Cow SetHeadband BowTie Cow Set
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