Holstein Gift Box


Holstein Gift Box

Holstein Gift Box

These are gift boxes with Holstein Spots. Really nice gift boxes the kind of quality stuff you would see in a card shop. These are hi-gloss shiny mooti-ful boxes.

The boxes all have nice handles on them. If you have a smaller gift the boxes close beautifully.

You can tuck in the top and they are simply beautiful.

You may put candy or balloons or smaller items inside the box when it is closed. For larger items, simply don’t close the box.

This lets you use one gift box for many items large and small. You may also consider folding the handles down so the box can be used as a ‘basket’. Your creativity is your guide and you can put styrofoam or shredded paper and pile on lots of ‘gifts’ on top and shrink wrap the whole thing into one moo-tiful presentation.

The exact dimensions of this gift box are 7 inches long x 4 inches wide x 8 inches tall. If you include the handles in the moo-surement they are 11 inches tall.

NJ820 Gift Box Price  Pack of 6   4.95 each


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holstein gift boxHolstein Gift Box
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