Magnetic Kissing Cow Salt Pepper – FUN !


Magnetic Kissing Cow Salt Pepper

Kissing COWS?

Sure thing!

Magnetic Kissing Cow Salt Peppe

Relatively large sized salt and pepper shakers have mOOg-nets on their lips. Keep them apart and they are too cute.. but moo-ve them together and lo and behold they ‘kiss.’ ! Opposites attract!

Lots of fun salt and pepper will never be boring again !

This is a TOP seller and a favorite of most everyone.

No more boring salt and pepper!

Technically, salt and pepper are spices – so spice up your life with magnetic cows!

OC670 Set of Two Salt and Pepper Ceramic Cows Price 9.95


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Magnetic Kissing Cow Salt PeppeMagnetic Kissing Cow Salt Pepper – FUN !
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