Mary Moo Moo Christmas Figure Skater – Balanced !


Mary Moo Moo Christmas Figure Skater

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Mary Moo Moo Christmas Figure Skater

Mary’s Moo Moos are known the whole world over for detail.

The Christmas “Santa’ Coat on a skating Moo Moo is just too wonderful.

This is an authentic Mary Moo Moo in the original Box with Certificate of Authenticity.

There isn’t a cow lover on the planet who would love to be the recipient of such a beautiful gift.

Hooves down we are going to say that this is not simply one of the nicest Christmas gifts we have every had the pleasured of offering.

It is one of the nicest cow gifts in ANY category!

For years and years Mary Moo Moo collectibles were a best seller in the Enesco line of quality collectibles.

Yes, for some odd reason the STOPPED offering them!

We gobbled them up so moo would have a HUGE selection to choose from.

As you can see the little moo moo is doing her best ice capades pose!

Triple axel? Probably not however it does not get any cuter than this!

Bright Red ‘Santa’ Coat with Red Winter cap – she’s all bundled up ready to weather the big freeze.

She’s got a warm coat ready for super cold temperatures – no thin ice for this beautiful little Mary Moo Moo Holstein skater!

ENJOY ( we love them, too ).

HA500 Three inch Figurine WOW Price 14.95


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Mary Moo Moo Christmas Figure Skater Mary Moo Moo Christmas Figure Skater – Balanced !

Availability: 2 in stock

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