Moo Kazoo – Cool !


Moo Kazoo

Make our own kind of moo-sic!

Party Herdy!

Have Tons of Fun – simply blow into this kazoo!

Cute – unique Cow party favor.

It a cow party toy!

Moo Kazoo

Moove to a different Groove!

Not musically inclined?  No worries!

Cow Kazoo will bring out the musician in you!

Bring this instrument to your lips and humming will do the rest.

Just humm – no need to blow – and play way your favorite tunes!

Yes, you can humm a tune!!  Cow head shaped kazoo will allow you to humm till the cows come home. Holsten head and round pink nose.

Made by Rocket USA.

Weight 6 oz


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moo kazooMoo Kazoo – Cool !
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