MOOing Squeezie


MOOing Squeezie

Cow Party Ideas!

MOOing Squeezie

Add ‘instant cow’ to any cow party !

Great PRICE, too !

Moo-tuiful and ‘joyful.’ What a great decowration for the table.

Lasts YEARS after the party is over. Great for arthritic hands, too !

Wanna have some FUN? Get some Moo Squeezies LOTS of party ideas / door prizes , etc come to mind. .. )

Moo-sical chairs, anyone? P

lay ‘pass the squeezie’ till the moosic stops – squeezie holder leaves the game…oh moo can think of LOTS of party games !

TS600 4 inch MOOING Squeezable Soft Foam Price 3.95 ea


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Mooing SqueezieMOOing Squeezie
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