Porcelain Cow Waitress


Porcelain Cow Waitress

Porcelain Cow Waitress

Roller Skating “Gorgeous’ Cow Waitress!

If moo love the 50’s, or perhaps are in food service..moo will LOVE┬áher !

She stands about a food tall and is really quite moo-tiful.

Shiny gold trimmed porcelain with a very pink carhop outfit and roller skates of all things.. she is one moo-nique cow-verstaion piece !

Large enough to easily get noticed but still easy to fit on any cowtertop.

She is also a votive moo may re-moove the cowver on her tray.. but really why bother she doesn’t need a light she’s shiny enough on her own !

DE210 Size 12″ tall x 6″ wide Price 29.95


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porcelain cow waitressPorcelain Cow Waitress
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