Rubber Band Wrist Cows


Rubber Band Wrist Cows

What a FUN cow party favor!

Ridiculously cheap


Free Shipping!!!

Rubber Band Wrist Cows

Rubber Band Wrist Wristlet !

Oh, these ‘wristlets’ are just soooo¬†‘in’¬†these days !

Just wear ’em on your wrist – easy as that ! !

‘Rubber Band’ wristlets are FUN !

Re-usable over and over.

Inexpensive and a plain old good time. A GREAT party item !

Pass ’em around and around !

Kids just LOVE these! Moo will too!

BP300 Kids / Pre-teen / Young ladies 4″ WOW PRICE just .39 each


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Rubber Band Wrist CowsRubber Band Wrist Cows
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