Rudolph Cow Christmas Ornament


Rudolph Cow Christmas Ornament

Colorful Resin Cow Ornament.

Green wreath
Red Ribbon
Pink Nose
Red Antlers
Holstein Spots!

Rudolph Cow Christmas Ornament

Rudolph the Smiling Cow with Antler’s Ornament

Well, she’s a cow not a reindeer…. or is she ?

She sure puts moo in the Christmas Moo’d by sticking those antlers over her ears !

An excellent quality shiny Cow Christmas Ornament !

We know you are going to ask.

Does this Rudolph ornament have a very shiny nose?

Well, its a cow not really a reindeer.

So Sorry.

No it dies not.

PO600 Cow Reindeer Ornament Price 3.95


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Rudolph Cow Christmas OrnamentRudolph Cow Christmas Ornament
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