Velour Cow Apron


Velour Cow Apron

Warm and cozy winter wardrobe accessory!

Go ahead and wear it – you know you want to so do it!

Velour Heavier Moo-terial Cow Apron

Moo-la-lah !

Heavier weight ‘velour’ warm and fuzzy apron will keep moo cow-zy on those cold winter nights.

Moo will look ‘hot’ too this is a somewhat ‘sexy’ apron with a satin strap !

Great for the kitchen!

Great for servers and waitstaff!

We have a very large selection of cow aprons for moo.

This one moo won’t find ANYWHERE else!

HH260 Adult Size Price 9.95


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Velour Cow ApronVelour Cow Apron
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