Blue Skateboard Cow Magnet – Cool !


Blue Skateboard Cow Magnet

Blue Skateboard Cow Magnet

She Loves Cow-pe-ti-tion !

Why hoove around when moo can roll up and down !

An attention grabber on moo refrigerator.

Brilliantly colored and ‘wiggly.’  The whole magnet Rocks and Shakes!

The head moo-ves

The tail mooves !

Each arm moo-ves !

And each ear moo-ves !

It is loaded with springs so it looks ‘real.’

A VERY strong magnet lets you easily attach this skateboarding bovine to and fridge or computer case.

It is sooo sensitive to wind or motor vibration that the little guy almost stays in perpetual motion.  Moo amazing!

Plastic Magnet  3 inches wide Price 2.95

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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Blue Skateboard Cow MagnetBlue Skateboard Cow Magnet – Cool !
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