Cafe au Lait Cow Parade


Cafe au Lait Cow Parade

Cafe au Lait Cow Parade

Udders go directly into coffee cup.

Fresh milk for sure !

Cow Parade 7345 Cafe Au Lait Description

Cow Parade by Westland Giftware Cafe Au Lait

6″ High Item # 7345 These Cowparade cow figurines are all the rage.

These pieces are replicas of the unique life size fiberglass cows.

Decorated by various artists and displayed in locations around the world.

The cows are then auctioned off with most of the proceeds going to various charities.

MP660 6″ boxed porcelain Genuine Licensed Cow Parade Price 19.95


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Cafe au Lait Cow ParadeCafe au Lait Cow Parade
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