Cow Party Stix


Cow Party Stix

Cow Party Stix

Keep the Kids Active. ‘By the Numbers’ Play Sticks!

OK, this is a little different so let’s describe in a little more detail.

The piece of paper has the outline of a COW. The ‘sticks’ are gooey and bendable and FUN !.

Just press them where the numbers are on the paper and ‘voila’ you have a ‘painting’ of a cow.

The sticks may be re-used over and over again, and you don’t have to have a cow at all to use them (but it sure is more fun, don’t moo agree?)

Keeps the kids busy for hours and it’s CHEAP, too !

PR750 Six Sticks and One Numbered Sheet of Paper 6″ x 8″ Just .99 cents


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cow party stixCow Party Stix
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