Cow Bobble Head Picture Holder


Cow Bobble Head Picture Holder

Little ring loop!

Holds pictures, seat table cards, and more!

Cow Bobble Head Picture Holder

What a unique bobblehead cow design!

Holds pictures however not a picture frame, per se.

Ring loops are VERY popular!

Now, this ring look is attached to a relatively large cow bobble head!

Do you want to see yourself bobing op and down back and forth?

Sure you do!

Motion is a way of getting attentions!

Bobble Head Cow Rule ! Every cow we have ever seen has a head that moooves.. maybe that’s why boble heads are soo pop-moo-lar !

TV370 Size 6″ 1.95


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cow bobble head picture holderCow Bobble Head Picture Holder
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