Cow Heavy Duty Picnic TableCloth


Cow Heavy Duty Picnic TableCloth

An ‘opportunity of a generation.’

If moo like to hold outdoor events at the dairy farm, moo can easily cover ALL of your picnic tables with this EXCELLENT quality cow print table cover!

Cow Heavy Duty Picnic TableCloth

Card Table / Folding Table /  CookOUT Table Cover

It just doesn’t get any more moo than this! Add life to any cow party with our Holstein Table Cover

These are quality table covers with felt backing and washable shiny surfaces.

They are NOT ‘throw aways.’

You may moos them over and over for years and year

NO911 Folding Table Size whole roll 15 YARDS LONG ! 540″ x 54″ Price 29.95


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Cow Heavy Duty Picnic TableClothCow Heavy Duty Picnic TableCloth
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