Cow Party Tablecloth – A Bargain !


cow party tablecloth

Cow Party Tablecloth

Are moo are having a indoor party and do not intend to use these again?

Then these inexpensive throw away table covers will add to the party mood.

These are 72″ x 54″ and suitable for a small table just larger than a card table.

We want to say right up front that if you need to use these outdoors this is NOT the table cover for you.

These are quite ‘flimsy’ no thicker than a Hefty bag.

They are made of very thin plastic and will blow away in the slightest breeze.

Having said that, if you are just planning an indoor party for the kids they are shiny and cow-tastic !

ND230 Card Table Size 72″ x 54″ Price 1.95 ea.


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cow party tableclothCow Party Tablecloth – A Bargain !
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