Cow Spot Silicone Trivet – Awesome Best!


Cow Spot Silicone Trivet

Decorative silicone trivet cow print

Cow Spot Silicone Trivet

Hooves down the best trivet moo will ever have!

Flexible silicone takes the heat!


Also, VERY easy to use.

Just think about it. Moo need a trivet so that your hot stuff does not harm your beautiful table or cabinets in your kitchen

Now, trivets are usually made of metal or stonewear – which in and of itself is not bad at all.

However, bye bye bulky!

Also, has the added advantage of being ‘sticky.’

Stone and metal are not ‘sticky at all – your pots and pans and serving dishes can ‘go flyimg off them’ at the slightest touch.

Not so for these absolutory awesome silicone trivets!


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Cow Spot Silicone TrivetCow Spot Silicone Trivet – Awesome Best!
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