Lil Moo Bookmarks Love Loads


Lil Moo Bookmarks

Lil Moo Bookmarks Love Loads

What’s this ?

This is unique.

It is just the most cow-dorable bookmark.

Little Moo’s arms hang over the page so it is the cutest bookmark moo will ever see.

Made of hi quality sturdy vinyl and printed in vivid colors !

The back side has a to and from ‘gift card’ so they make wonderful gifts.

This Little Moo bookmark say’s Let’s Party so, of course, we put it in our Party section.. but we have LOTSĀ of other designs in our Moo-nique section, too !

MP950 Price 2.95 ea

Lil Moo Design

Lets Party, Love Moo Loads


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lil moo bookmarksLil Moo Bookmarks Love Loads
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