Porcelain Holstein Bank Earring


Porcelain Holstein Bank Earring

Porcelain Holstein Bank

Hog Bikers?

Moo-ve over!

This cow is wearing an earring!

Bad to the T-bone!

Holstein ! Moo-tiful design. Porcelain Cash cow ‘cuz she’s a bank ! Drop in moo-lah to save for a grainy day !

Holstein cow print spots, too. Everyone loves this bank!

Not really ‘just for kids.’

More like for everyone with attitude – and moo know who you are!

Cheao, too.

Order a few and pass them out.

Moo will absolutely love thses banks and your friends will, too!

BZ500 6″ wide┬áPrice 5.95


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Porcelain Holstein Bank EarringPorcelain Holstein Bank Earring
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