Smiling Porcelain Cow Shelf Sitter


Smiling Porcelain Cow Shelf Sitter

Grinning from ear to ear – this smiling purple-blue little gal will brighten your day!

Green arms and green feet!

Definitory falls into the ‘whimsical’ category.

We LOVE shelf sitters!

Smiling Porcelain Cow Shelf Sitter

Nicer quality porcelain !

Her dangling feet really dangle!

A unique design!

Go ahead and lift her up – she makes a relatively loud ‘clack’ when those feet collide.

If you like cows and are also a lover of ‘creatube’ – the we cordially incite you o please enjoy this gal!


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Smiling Porcelain Cow Shelf SitterSmiling Porcelain Cow Shelf Sitter
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