Wine Cow-Noisseur Apron – Funny !


Wine Cow-Noisseur Apron

Try and stop laughing!

Wine Cow-Noisseur Apro

This is just a must for any bovine wine lover. This is actually a very high quality ‘full length’ apron very suitable for daily kitchen use.

Of course, it is also hysterical if you love cows and wine as much as we do!
Made by ( surprise) the FUNNY APRON COMPANY.

If you spill merlot it won’t show because this apron will protect your clothes!

65 percent polyester’ 30 percent cotton

KM870 Full Sized Quality Woven Apron 9.95

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Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 36 × 1 × 48 in


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Wine Cow-Noisseur ApronWine Cow-Noisseur Apron – Funny !
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