Cows Rule Memo Pad – Cool !


Cows Rule Memo Pad

Awesome Office Gift!

CowsRule Memo Pad

Cows Rule !

Me-moo Pad

This is one cow cool item! Vivid Colors. Gorgeous graphics Nicely packaged for gift giving, too.

The Graphics on this memo pad are just excellent! Three hearts adorn the Plexiglas memo pad holder. Vivid colors of purple and pink and green!!

The graphics are bordered by polished acrylic – obviously made with a high tech leaser process!

All of that technology put into this simple desktop office gift!

Lasered Plexiglass Post it note or memo pad holder for moo desk. Fits standard size Post it notes.

Practical AND inexpensive. Run out of paper ?

Just head to the dollars store and get more Post it notes… saves a bundle.

GF780 Plexiglass 5″ high  5.95

Weight 5.95 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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Cows Rule Memo PadCows Rule Memo Pad – Cool !
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