Unique Cow Drink Topper !


Unique Cow Drink Topper

Unique Cow Drink Topper

O.K., right up front we’re going to admit it took us 1/2 hour to figure out what this is.

It sure is pretty, seems like it is excellent quality… attractively packaged, too – but what is it ?

Our best guess (without reading the label) is that it’s a sink stopper… and that’s probably where they go the idea from. Well – surprise …it’s a drink GLASS topper.

Now, if moo are having an outdoor party and don’t like flies, hay or general debris in moo drinks, then this is it! A definite cow-verssatio oiece. Excellent quality – will last for years !

Just put it on moo glass. Flexible silicone ‘naturally’ sticks TIGHT so NO flies !

MD280 Flexible Silicone / Dishwasher Safe Price 4.95

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Unique Cow Drink TopperUnique Cow Drink Topper !
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